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I tell you, I’m doing this blog because the state of internet marketing makes me sad, and mad! Why is that you may ask? Because many people that try to make money online do not succeed. For a long time, I was one of them. The true fact is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Anyone can succeed at internet marketing, even YOU. Read more about me by going to my ABOUT page.

I want to change the internet marketing space for the better. I want to be the person you can trust to deliver honest tips and answers to the most common and pressing issues when it comes to making money online.

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SEO And Click Through Rates – A Reality Check

traffic image

If you’re trying to rank your website at the top of the search engines using SEO, you’re probably thinking once that happens, the future will be rosy and you’ll be raking in the dough. Not so fast. You see, you might not be aware of the reality of click through rates and how much traffic you’re really going to get.

Here’s the reality. Let me give you an example.

Suppose you’ve chosen a keyword that gets 5000 searches per month – that is, 5000 people type into Google that keyword phrase. You’ve done your SEO properly and now you’re website is on page 1, position #4, for that keyword. That may seem great and it is, BUT… in this scenario, you can expect to get only about 274 visitors to your site per month.

Why is that?

Several years ago a study was done that is still relevant today. This study explains the click through rates a website can expect in each position in the top 10. These figures should be used when planning your marketing and forecasting your sales.

Because even though the keyword is searched 5000 times (and, BTW, that figure is not exact, it’s an average, so it may be more or less) not all of those 5000 people are going to click on one of the top 10 results. Some may click on one of the ads that display above the results. Some may click on one of the ads that display in the side bar. Some may not click on anything.

For starters, about 95% of that 5000 people will click on anything. Then, the website in position #1 can only expect about 45% of those 5000 people to click on the site. After than, the traffic goes down considerably. If your website is in position #4, you can expect about 5 1/2% of those 5000 people – about 274 – to click on your website.

Wow, this is a really small figure, you say. Yes, it is.

Look at the graphic that follows to see the actual percentage of visitors a website cane expect to receive based on that website’s position in the top 10 results:

click through rate info graphic

As you can see, the amount of traffic a website can expect goes down A LOT as the top 10 position decreases. Again, these figures are estimations only, but are valid enough that you should use them.

Now, to complicate matters, the bad news doesn’t stop there.

Industry standards say the the click through rate to a vendor’s website from your website is only 1% to 2%. In addition, the vendor’s click through rate – in other words – how many people visiting the vendor’s website will actually buy the product is only 1% – 1% percent.

Again these are averages. Your goal, and the goal of every vendor, is to increase click through rates and conversions. This is the #1 THING that should be done. Always focus on click through rates and conversions. Heck, some vendors claim conversions at 5% or even 10%. This is high and not the norm.

So back to our example. If your website is ranking in position #4 for a keyword that gets 5000 searches per month, how many sales can you expect. If you take a higher figure than the norm, say 2%, you can only expect .1 sales a month, or one tenth of a sale. That means you can expect 1 sale over a 10 month period.

274 x 2% = 5.48 then, 5.48 x 2% = .1

Take a look at the following graphic to get a few sample sales figures based on a website’s position in the top 10:

click through stats

As you can see, even in position #1, you can only expect .9 sales or about 1 per month. This, my friends, will not make you rich.

So, with this bit of news, where should you go from here? How do you make enough sales to have a decent income? ONE WORD… TRAFFIC! You need more traffic. YOU NEED LOTS AND LOTS OF TRAFFIC!

Many successful webmasters don’t just SEO one keyword. They might SEO 50. Many successful webmasters don’t just drive traffic through SEO, they use paid traffic sources, blog postings, forum signatures, and a host of other methods.

The good news is you can expect that once the traffic ball is rolling, it will snowball and get bigger and bigger. This is what happens. It snowballs. If people like your site and the information you provide, they will start to bookmark it and come back again and again. They will start to share postings with friends. They will post a link on their site back to yours. More people will see it, more people will share and link back, etc. etc.

This is why for a majority of people, making money online does not come quickly. This is why making money online does not come at all – because most people don’t see results quickly like they expected and give up – they don’t stay the course.

But you are different right? You know what you want. You’re willing to give it your all. You’re willing to stay the course until you succeed. Knowing the truth about click through rates might have given you a reality check, but now you know, and now you can forge ahead realistically. It can happen for you like it has for thousands that have come before.

List Building Formula For Success

list bulding formulaYes, I’ve preached it over and over again. List building is one of the best internet marketing strategies to make a killing online.

The reason is simple, once someone buys from you, they will be more inclined to buy from you again. Repeat customers generally make up a majority of any business’ sales so acquiring and keeping customers should be your priority.

The best part is, list building is not that hard to do. Really, you only need to do a few things well to see a 6 or 7 figure income.

THAT’S 1 MILLION DOLLARS per year to you and me! Do these things and see success… Read More…

Driving Traffic By Using Bing Ads

There are many ways to drive traffic to a website. Today I want to talk using Bing ads, that is, pay per click (PPC) advertising on Bing search engine. If you have ever used PPC advertising, you might be familiar with the method. If not, let me explain how it works…

Basically, once you register with an account, you’ll create ads that will appear, usually in the right column of the search results and as with Google, also in the top 1-3 spots in the search engine results. I’m sure you’ve seen them. Read More…

Why List Building Is One Of The Best Internet Marketing Strategies


If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you should realize by now that I REALLY believe in list building. I absolutely know it’s one of the best internet marketing strategies you can master… and when I say master, there’s a real knack for doing it right. Let’s explore why list building is so important.

As you may know, there are many ways to make money online. There are also many people out there teaching you how to make money using these various methods and many people actually doing it. However, list building should be at the top of that list because it has so many advantages over the other internet marketing strategies.
Here are my top 8 advantages to list building. Read More…

A Photo Editing Primer

photo editing graphic

As an online marketer, one of the skills you should be familiar with is basic photo editing and graphics design. Even if you intend to hire freelancers to do the work, there will probably come a time when you should know how to do it yourself.

An internet marketing strategy that is usually not considered is that of photos and how they affect the visitor experience. This is a mistake. So, consider your images and how they are placed on your site.

Note that to create photos, you DON’T need to know how to create graphics from scratch. All of your images will be created by finding different graphic elements on the web or elsewhere, manipulating them, and adding them to your image in layers. So here’s my own version of a photo editing primer that will get you up to speed.

Photo editing requires some type of software program to do the dirty work. There are free ones you can download on the web and Microsoft Paint usually comes with Windows Computers. However, the one I know and love Read More…

From Nothing To Something, Big Thanks Bring The Fresh

by “Prenzie1”

First of all I really want to thank god for finally answering my prayers and also BIG thanks to “Bring The Fresh” family and the forum members. This is my first time ever posting here and I’m really excited and hope this will inspire other members too. My name is Treasure I’m 23 yrs old, Well the moral of this success story I guess is NEVER GIVE UP !. honestly speaking I would say that anyone who is part of this family (Bring The Fresh) I really believe that each and everyone of us we already have the single most valuable tool to make it online.

YES!! Trust me as you are reading this right now I want you to keep that in mind. Let me say it again. YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED ONLINE. Now the question is what is it that you NEED?. Sad part is over 80% of the people they do not really understand that they already have this. The single most important tool to make it online is VALUABLE INFORMATION, that’s it!!. I challenge anyone upon this . lol. With all due respect I challenge anyone who will tell me that I’m wrong.

Now a bit about myself I was a struggling college dropout from Cape Town in South Africa not long ago. Literally I’m one of those people who Read More…

The Trust Factor

buidling trustAs online entrepreneurs, we all struggle to build our businesses in the best way we know how. This involves using many internet marketing strategies that have been learned from courses or mentors. However, those that have succeeded have found out the magic button that many others never know or were never taught. That magic button I call


Here’s an important fact to think about that should put this concept in focus for you. Ask yourself this question: “When have I ever bought something from someone that I did not trust?”

The answer is NEVER!

That’s right, you never have, and neither will anyone else. Therefore, building trust is one of the most important things you can do to increase your business. How is this done? Read More…

Finding The Right Niche

nich market graphic

The first step in starting your online business is finding a niche, one that is big enough and has sufficient demand for products within that niche, yet small enough to offer the lowest possible competition. This must come BEFORE choosing a product to sell or starting your website.

It’s definitely a balancing act. Yet it’s an extremely important step. I contend that the one of the top 2 reasons why most online business entrepreneurs fail is choosing the wrong niche. This involves research and, possibly, a lot it.

Do not expect to research a market in 1/2 hour and jump right in to start a website. No business would do that, not brick and mortar ones or online ones either.

Here’s what you should do: Read More…

Bring The Fresh Review

When it comes to driving traffic to websites, there are many ways to “skin a cat” as the saying goes. Sure there’s Pay Per Click advertising such as Google AdWords, social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others, plus other methods that can bring you traffic. One skill that should be mastered by everyone needing traffic is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

While you might see tons of SEO companies advertising their services, most are stuck in the stone ages! Some company’s strategies may actually HURT your website. How do you know who to trust. The answer is, you learn the proper techniques yourself, so you know what is right and what is wrong. There’s really no other way to be sure.

No doubt, the changes in SEO over the last 2 years will make your HEAD SPIN – literally! Where do you go to find out the correct way to get your site ranked at the top of Google? I have the answer. Read More…