From Nothing To Something, Big Thanks Bring The Fresh

by “Prenzie1”

First of all I really want to thank god for finally answering my prayers and also BIG thanks to “Bring The Fresh” family and the forum members. This is my first time ever posting here and I’m really excited and hope this will inspire other members too. My name is Treasure I’m 23 yrs old, Well the moral of this success story I guess is NEVER GIVE UP !. honestly speaking I would say that anyone who is part of this family (Bring The Fresh) I really believe that each and everyone of us we already have the single most valuable tool to make it online.

YES!! Trust me as you are reading this right now I want you to keep that in mind. Let me say it again. YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED ONLINE. Now the question is what is it that you NEED?. Sad part is over 80% of the people they do not really understand that they already have this. The single most important tool to make it online is VALUABLE INFORMATION, that’s it!!. I challenge anyone upon this . lol. With all due respect I challenge anyone who will tell me that I’m wrong.

Now a bit about myself I was a struggling college dropout from Cape Town in South Africa not long ago. Literally I’m one of those people who really struggle to come up with just $20. Last year around April I decided to quit studying and do my best on being successful online. This was because it was really hard to focus on my studies as my life was hard and my family was DEAD Broke. Even though I had managed to secure a scholarship for my tertiary education I was really battling to focus as I was watching my family suffer everyday and I couldn’t do anything about it, I had to watch my mother sweep the streets to put bread on the table. It was then that I told myself I’M DONE.

So I dropped out but never told my mom that I had quit studying because she was not gonna understand. So I then moved to stay with my girlfriend and she had a job paying her just enough to pay for rent and bit of food. Its crazy we didn’t even have a bed coz we were saving every cent so I could buy a cheap laptop and start working. As I was saving for the laptop I spent my free time at internet cafes learning everything I can get my hands on about SEO. So December last year I managed to buy a second hand laptop and I started working.

Look at where I am Now!!

sales report for prenzie1

sales report 2 for prenzie1

What I didn’t tell you is also that I didn’t have internet at my place so what I did was wake up every morning go to the mall and use free wifi. So I would leave with my girlfriend coz she also works at a bakery at the mall. It was hard, security guards started noticing that I was there all the time and didn’t buy anything but sit the whole day and use free internet, sometimes they will send me back home. Now I really want to share with you everything and I will not even hold anything back, that’s because I honestly believe that the reason why God chose me was that so I can show other people that it is possible. He couldn’t have chosen any better person than a 23 year old who was sleeping on the floor. Now lets get to it. So how did I do this?

Simply put :
Free blog : Blogger
Free videos : YouTube
Free backlinking : Blog commenting/ edu and gov /Profile links

I know using free blogging platforms is not the best option as you do not have control but I was broke so if you have cash then please do invest on buying domains.That’s it !! . Now the most important thing is HOW ?. now you get why I said the valuable tool is INFORMATION.

Simply put most people are complaining about SEO becoming harder. NOOOO!!!!. Its not , SEO is becoming the simplest game you can play right now AS LONG AS DONE RIGHT!!. REMEMBER THAT. WHY?. Everyday Google is becoming better and better at killing all those webmasters who are doing backlinking and SEO in an alarming unnatural way. Now Google is becoming better at killing people with tons of bad backlinks and yet people are still blind enough to try even harder. Here’s the thing , Google is really trying harder to provide the users with the best results ever and they are not even close to getting there but they certainly upping their game.

Now what that means is they know what webmasters do to manipulate search results and they coming after us. So do we keep pushing harder and building more spammy or unnatural looking links , NO!.. While this is gonna work but its only for a short while and you will find yourself fighting with Google penalties all the time.

Ok here’s what I did:

I found medium to low comp keywords +4 keywords long
Build a blog on blogger: Now I have to stress this part
When creating your site forget about getting paid and rushing things but focus on building a quality site. This is the most important part that will determine your success rate. ON PAGE SEO is the secret. Properly done on page SEO. So I created these blogs with good on page seo and good backlinking strategies. I’ll list these steps…
(NOTE: Author used methods taught at Bring The Fresh – SEO marketing course.)
Honestly speaking you do not need DOZENS of crappy links but rather quality. I rank my sites with less than 30 backlinks in total. YES !! LESS THAN 30! . Of course I focus on medium to low comp keywords. But they are buying keywords. I am now ranking automatically for even more competitive keywords also that I never had in mind. So please do not worry it’s easy you just have to help the site pick up momentum with simple but safe backlinking and then the rest will be automatic.
I will have to stop here for the sake of keeping this post short , lol .. but that’s it. I will be answering any questions you might be having feel free. I will also try to write down my SEO strategy for those who will be interested I will send you guys copies when I’m done writing it for FREE do not stress.I am not even close to where i want to be but I always say GIVING IS A BLESSING. And I’m a BIG believer. Now that I will be having money to invest back I will take this to Crazy High levels. If I can Do It, YOU CAN TOO. I PUT ALL MY MONEY ON YOU!!!

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