Web Pages – How To Set Them Up For SEO

When designing your website, it’s important that you plan out your overall design and how it will be laid out. Many people do this with flow charts, and it’s a great way to go. However, a simple drawing or notes on a piece of paper will do. Plainning in this way will give your entire idea focus and will give you ideas for moving forward.

When planning each page, you should:

Step #1: Plan out categories of the website based on your intuition, or what you feel they should be based on your previous research into the product or service you’ll be selling.

Step #2: Once you know the categories, you should then decide on the individual page topics that will be under each category. To do this, some research is in order. For each page, you will want to pick a topic and keyword that is being searched for every month on Google. The idea is that each page on our website should be focus on ONE and ONLY ONE.

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