List Building Formula For Success

list bulding formulaYes, I’ve preached it over and over again. List building is one of the best internet marketing strategies to make a killing online.

The reason is simple, once someone buys from you, they will be more inclined to buy from you again. Repeat customers generally make up a majority of any business’ sales so acquiring and keeping customers should be your priority.

The best part is, list building is not that hard to do. Really, you only need to do a few things well to see a 6 or 7 figure income.

THAT’S 1 MILLION DOLLARS per year to you and me! Do these things and see success…

My List Building Formula For Success:

1. Pick a large niche where there are tons of people with problems that need solving.

This might go against some other advice you’ve heard but here’s the reason… you will not be using SEO to rank your site for free traffic.

Yes, SEO requires a lot more thought and planning when choosing a niche. You want a big enough niche where enough people show an interest, enough to be able to sell products and make a profit, but not so big that getting ranked on page 1 of Google will be impossible.

With this method, the bigger the niche the better because you will be paying for traffic (don’t get scared, it’s really doable)!

Here are some of the big niches you could choose. There are others too, just choose one that interests you and has a HUGE amount of traffic!

  • a. Money – Making more money, whether online marketing, real estate investing, stock trading, etc.
  • b. Realtionships and Dating
  • c. Self Help and Spiritual Growth
  • d. Hobbies – ones large enough to support a huge business (I don’t mean bug collecting!)
  • e. Health – Loose weight, body building, etc.

2. Create products that will solve some problem people are having in that niche

This is NOT as hard as it seems – in fact, it’s pretty easy if you know how to research and curate content.

You can easily create tons of products by finding information online, then creating an ebook in your own words. Videos and audio recordings can also be created and you’ll be able to sell those for even more money.

Why not sell affiliate products? There are many reasons:

  • a. You control the product, price, commissions, sales funnel, etc.
  • b. You can ad customers to your own mailing list. With affiliate products, this cannot be done easily, if at all. This is the MAJOR reason to create your own products.
  • c. You can tweak the sales funnel to improve conversions. You have no control over another person and their product.
  • d. You get to keep all the money – unless you’re recruiting affiliates to sell the product as well – and I would highly recommend you doing that.

3. Create a sales funnel and get it online.

This will consist of…

  • a. Your Squeeze Page – The page you give away something for free in exchange for the visitor’s email address.
  • b. Your Front End Offer – the product people see first, usually a low price.
  • c. Your Upsell – The product someone sees after they have purchased your front end offer. This is optional by HIGHLY recommended. An upsell will make you more money for sure.
  • d. Your Downsell – The product someone sees if they don’t buy your front end offer. Again this is optional but you will see a few sales by offering a downsell.

Yes, this is definitely on the technical side. If you don’t know how to do this, you’ll need to find someone else to do it for you. Somehow it must get done.

4. Drive Traffic To Your Funnel Using Paid Traffic Methods.
If there is traffic, there is a way to get it for very little money (I’m not talking Google Adwords, which has gotten very expensive)

5. Convert That Traffic To Customers.
Just putting up a sales funnel and magically expecting 20,000 in your bank account by the end of the week probably won’t happen. What WILL happen is you’ll probably see results that aren’t so great at first. You’ll need to test your results, tweak your funnel, test your results, tweak your funnel, etc. etc. repeatedly until you’re seeing a good response and a good ROI.

THAT’S IT! That’s really all it takes.

Once you have a product that solves a problem, and a sales funnel that successfully converts visitors into customers, it’s a matter of sending traffic to that funnel – something that is easily done with paid traffic.

Follow this exact formula and you’ll be making tons and tons of cash per month – AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


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