Newbie Coaching

Problems making money online?

I definitely know how it feels. I was there too.

Many years ago I lucked into a successful internet marketing career by developing a website with no idea about internet marketing. See my “about me” page here. Once I decided to move on to bigger and better things, it wasn’t all that easy. Actually marketing to various niches and selling affiliate products had possibilities, but it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. There were hurdles to overcome.

Not only that, but there were so many different methods for making money online and so many different “gurus” and “courses” that would teach you how to do it. Where should you start? What method is good for you? What about starting a business? What kind of regulations are there for that? How much would it cost me now? And later? Could I quit my job now? Do I need steady income while I work online? What can I expect?

So many questions. Very few real answers from anyone that cared about me and my goals and interests. Even though I was taught by some well respected internet millionaires, I still had questions and very few answers.

Through the process I found a mentor named Kelly Felix, joined up with his training and never looked back. Now, I have a few mentors and I know one thing – it’s extremely important to have a mentor – and I have a few, each teaching me different aspects of the business. This is VERTY important. I can’t emphasize it enough. Get a mentor and learn let them teach you what they know. That’s why I’m very happy to offer you some much needed advice.

newbie coaching

I’m here to teach you what you need to get started!

If you’re just getting started and don’t know where to turn, you’re not alone. In the beginning I had a TON of questions and just wanted to talk with someone one-on-one to get them answered. THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO DO. Answer your questions – give you some guidance – get you on the road you need to travel for your own and come up with a plan of attack.

From there, the sky’s the limit.

Yes, you can make money online. Thousands of people do it. I do it. And you’re no different than any one of us. The difference is… you’re at the beginning, and everyone starts at the beginning.

Shortcut your learning curve and save time and learn what you need to know now, rather than making the same mistakes I’ve made.


Many online coaches charge THOUSANDS of dollars for one-on-one time. Heck, my #1 online mentor, Eric Louviere asks for $10.000 up front! And another good mentor, Kelix Felix also asks for thousands. Don’t believe me? Do a search for the top internet guru names and you’ll see for yourself.

However, I am offering my coaching for considerably less!

Why am I doing this? The reason is, my main purpose in life is to help people and to do this, I want to make it affordable for you, yet still worthwhile for me. After all, there is no greater satisfaction than helping others and giving. There are too many struggling people in life, and I want to change that. Everyone deserves abundance. You deserve abundance! You CAN have abundance!

So, what I decided to do was offer a beginning coaching package for people who just want to have their questions answered and who want to have a helping hand beside them as they begin their journey to internet riches. Once we talk and you get the information you need, you’ll be in a much better position to decide where to go from here.

I decided to make the price extremely affordable tand keep it under $100.00 USD.

Therefore, the price I decided on, and the price you’ll get, is a steal!
I’m offering my newbie coaching for
an incredibly low price of

only $47.00!

Yes, only $47.00. However, that price will not stay this low forever. As a matter of fact, the more demands on my time, the more I will have to charge and the more the price will go up.

So, to recap, what you’ll get is one-on-one time with me via Skype to get your questions answered about starting an online business. You’ll get a step by step business plan set up that you can start immediately and be bringing in money in a short amount of time.. Plus, and most importantly, once this is done, you’ll have the focus and knowledge you need to start your business.

So, if you want to get in on this incredible deal, you should ACT NOW, while you can!


You get 100% refund on your fee before the actual Skype call- that is, while we’re emailing and setting up the day and time. Once the call is completed however, there will be no refund given.

I do not want to coach you if I can’t help with your online career. That’s why you’ll be answering a few questions via email before the call. Your 100% satisfaction is my #1 priority! I won’t be happy unless you come away with a deeper understanding of internet marketing and what you need to do moving forward and you want your FREE website.




Find out what you need to know today to make real money online!

PayPal is the only form of payment I’m accepting at this time.
(You’re payment via PayPal will show paid to Magnum Media Web Marketing)

DISCLOSURE: Income examples stated on this page are for illustration purposes only and show what is definitely possible. However, you may make more or less than these amounts. It is impossible to know for sure how much money one individual will make online. Factors such as how much effort you put into your chosen niche, marketing methods, and many, many other factors all determine your success or failure. Most importantly, I cannot judge how much time and effort you will put in and apply to your own business. My coaching is for educational purposes to give you the information you need to make a decision as to whether to proceed with your online marketing plans.

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