Why Do Most People Fail At Internet Marketing

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As I continue to refine what I want to say on this site, I find myself coming back to one very large concept that needs to be a part of your every day life, whether it’s running your own business or something else. That concept is persistence!

Why am I saying this? It’s pretty simple really.

If you’re just starting in internet marketing, you might have purchased one-course or another from some “guru,” used it for a few months and discovered is wasn’t working for you. What do you do? You go out and find another course from another “guru,” thinking THIS METHOD will be the one that works. Unfortunately, the same thing happens. It doesn’t seem to work – at least not for you. Of course, you see other people using the course making HUGE sums of money. “Why is this happening?” “Why is it not working for me?” you ask. It’s pretty easy to explain once you know what’s happening. Read More…