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How To Increase Your Conversion Rate By Up To 64%

And Make More Sales While Acquiring More Loyal Customers.

Let’s face it. Your website’s visitors are a fickle bunch. They might land on your sales page because of an ad or a promotion.. They might hear about your offer from a referral and want to find out more, so they click the link to your sales page.

However, their attention spans are low and if you don’t keep them engaged, they will hit the back button faster than you can say “wait!” Some people just don’t like reading sales copy. They’ve heard it all before (literally, hundreds of times), and don’t want to waist anymore time. So most of your message goes unread!

On the other hand, when presented with a video, many people will stop and watch – but sales videos with slides and a “talking head” are a dime a dozen. But… if your video is a whiteboard animation, the entertainment value goes up 100 times – if not more! What this means is even more people watching just for the entertainment! Now when this happens, if you present your offer in a compelling and entertaining way, they will be exposed to your product and will want to buy!

The bottom line:
More People Exposed To Your Entire Sales Message, From Beginning To End = More Conversions!


Today, I’m offering you high converting whiteboard animation video that will turn more of your visitors into buyers!

whiteboard benefits2


I know there are a lot of places you can purchase whiteboard animation videos so I want to make my service affordable. However, I also need to make some income in the process, which I’m sure you can understand. I also know you only get what you pay for on websites such as Fiverr. I can offer you a whole lot more!

In addition to the video, you’ll get a sales copy analysis at no additional charge! After all, animated videos are an excellent tool, but your sales copy must also be top-notch or you won’t see results. Plus, new copy can be created to make sure you optimize your conversions even more!


I know you’ll be happy with the results. I’m so positive of that, I’m offering a complete money back guarantee.

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